Thursday, November 20, 2008


panera.. the actual pic was a little blurry but i liked the way the colors smoothed over, so i blurred her some more.

same idea..

Today was interesting.. rather calm, flowing day at work - which always seems to make homelife feel.. better?
Took my GMA out for coffee tonight.. I promised to meet her for lunch today and got caught up in errands, so I picked up for a coffee date, plus she expressed earlier this week she needed to chat.. We went to Panera Bread, it's her favorite place to chit chat. I have always semi liked Panera.. I don't have this great love and craving for it but I'd pick it over other neuvo cafe sandwich joints.

looking inside..

my snack.. strawberries and cream.. not bad.

my glorious granny.. doing what she does best, browsing, chatting, eating.. mad love, gma.

It was a good time, and I am glad I went - we nibbled on sweets and coffee and she talked about life, her issues, things that make her smile, her long lost love.. what if she had gone on that third date? It was somewhat picturesque and of movie quality.. I liked it, it make me feel comfortable, solid and partially grounded. I take great appreciation in putting the effort into my family.. I am figuring out in my young years that it's important to make it a priority now.. not talk about how you shoulda, coulda in their eulogy.

Moving on.. I snapped a few pics of my pup the other day, and she's just too cute not to share..

too busy to notice me...

giving Boy some hints on his gaming skills...

so well behaved.. not really, just stiff with fear of the dreadful camera..

I apologize for the shortage on words but I'm pooped and feel a headache coming on..

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