Monday, November 17, 2008


mixing my ingredients into the egg

tavern ham - roasted red pepper & red onions - the "dirt like" things are whole peppercorns

I really don't take time to enjoy breakfast, ever.. especially during the work week - I am lucky if I remember to grab a frozen waffle on the way out. Besides coffee, there isn't much going on in the world of breakfast for me on a normal basis. On the weekends though, I do tend to take the time to enjoy breakfast, simple or complex. I find that when you do take the time to settle into your breakfast, make it with care that it can gain you a slower outlook on life.. atleast for that moment.

plucking, chopping, mixing.


Saturday morning I took the time to make myself some eggs and toast, I drank orange juice and I really, really enjoyed it.. it's one of the many things in life I am trying to really enjoy and love for it's simplicity alone.

my breakfast.

As for taking moments in life, after I ate my little breakfast I walked around my house trying to find what was beautiful in my own yard.. as an aspiring photographer and lover of all things beautiful & interesting in nature some times you have to walk, bike, drive to your destination of beauty but it's somewhat incredible what you really can find by just walking out your front door.. I found a slice of beauty.

after an early morning rain

not a clue.. but beautiful.

cute, little..and i mean little guy.

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